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Checking and verification of employee (potential and existing staff).


Potential and existing client checking and verification – information procuring, analysis and summarizing.


Collection of information characterizing a person before entering into work or civil agreement.


Collection of information about person’s insolvency.


Monitoring of the clients, collaboration partners, staff and deals as well.


Searching for people who have committed a crime or gone missing.


Establishing the facts, objects or persons related to the criminal activities.


Consultations for private individuals and legal entities regarding to the physical and technical security.


Establishing the facts related to the unfair competition, illegal business activities or other illegal operations.


Checking the information about fulfillment of insurance agreement obligations and compensation for material damages.


Searching for lost or illegally expropriated property of individuals and legal entities.


Identification of private individual’s life style, contacts and daily environment, as well as places of visits.


Checking and analysis of different types of transactions.


Photo and video supervision and recording according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia.


Control and evaluating purchases ensuring (services of the “hidden client”).


Ensuring of the psychological support.


Critical situations resolving.