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Raum Group SIA

+371 22 30 22 62

     Licensed detective and legal services agency RAUM GROUP has been established in 2019.


     Main office of RAUM GROUP is located in Riga, Latvia. We are working on the whole territory of Latvia and abroad, by using not only own resources but our worldwide cooperation partner’s resources as well which are the highly qualified specialists in detective services and legal services spheres.


     RAUM GROUP is a member of International Association of Private Detectives (IAPD) as well. This association includes 300 members from 50 different countries and additional 200 partners around the world who are ready to solve different tasks on the highest level by taking into account specifics of national legislation and by usage of resources of law enforcement authorities of IAPD partner’s countries.


     Why RAUM GROUP team?


     RAUM GROUP will ensure You with the highest quality services in legal and detective activities spheres not only in Latvia, but in the global arena as well. Together with our partners we are going to support you in all actual questions in the maximum short time manner but with the highest quality, in line with the very strict confidentiality principles and protecting Your interests – cooperation with RAUM GROUP will let You avoid mistakes and minimize expenditures of Your time and other resources which are necessary to resolve Your question / problem.